Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sophie & Lola

Sophie is a small town girl that everybody knows because of her colorful way of dressing. Sophie saids that colors are a way to express the way you feel. She is always dressed in very colorful colors. Sophie is always smiling. She is like a ray of sun went you see her. Sophies best friend is call Lola, Sophie found Lola in an isla called xoxoxo in a pound. She loves Lola and Lola loves her. They are great friends.

Sophie is an ooak figure. Ooak meaning one of a kind. Sophie and Lola were created by me, from Judithhr creations. They are made with polymer clay called super sculpey. These figures are fully sculpted. Molds are never use. Sophie measures 8"inches tall and she has hair made from yarn. She also has over size glasses which are not removable. Her clothes are crochet also by me. She comes with her best friend Lola. Lola measures 4"inches tall. She is made from black sculpey and painted.

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