Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Charlie & Bobo

Charlie and Bobo live in the forest. Charlie is the happiest troll you would ever meet. He is very friendly and kind. All the animals and creatures love him. He loved to explore since he was a small troll. One day he set up for one of his explorations and on his way to a swamp he heard the cry of a lizard. When he approached it, he notice that the lizards foot was caught in a trap. He then helped him out of the trap and cure his little foot. From then on they became the best of friends. Charlie named him Bobo. They were inseparable.

Charlie and Bobo were made with polymer clay. Charlie is parcially sculpted. He has a mohawk. His head,arms and feet are polymer clay and the body is made from a baby sock filled with small pellets and poly fill. His hands are posable. His eyes where done with translusent sculpey and then painted. His clothes and hat were crochet by me. His belt is done from sculpey and lace and painted. Bobo the lizard was done with sculpey and then painted with metalic paints.

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