Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rosie & her pet Princess

Rosie is a girl that comes from an Isla call Chi-Chi-Chi-Chi-Pa-Pa. She has a pet call Princess, named after her favorite boutique. This was a small isla that nobody care about fashion, but Rosie did. When Rosie was small, all she care about was fashion. Even if she did not have tv and could not see how the world was dressing,she lived close to a turist area. Rosie would see all these people dressed the way she wanted to dress. Very trendy. Don't get me wrong. She was nice,funny, generous, caring and honest,but you would think otherwise. she looked conceited. She would always go to her favorite boutique. Princess boutique . She always said she would work hard to get what she wanted and she did. She would get any type of job as long as she got pay. Rosie was a good person and would divide her money so she could share with her parents and save a little. She did not know if one day she would needed. She could always dress beautiful because she worked hard for what she wanted.

Rosie and her pet Princess are hand sculpted by me JudithHR Creations. Molds were not used to create them. Rosie is partially sculpted. Her body was made from a baby sock and then fill with poly-pellets. Her legs were made with small wooden sticks and her feet where made from sculptey clay. Her head and arms were sculpted from a polymer clay called super sculpey. Rosie measures 8"inches tall and her pet measures 3 1/2inches. Her hair is from poly-fill. All my sculptures are original arts.
Thank You for looking.

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