Thursday, December 10, 2009


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is a sculpted baby, he measures around 8 inches. This sculpture was made with the used of no molds. He was born 9/2/09.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is one of my newest ooak doll. She was created by me with the use of no molds. She measures around 8 inches

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby Sasha

This is Sasha, she is an ooak baby. Meaning she is a one of a kind doll. Sasha was sculpted without the use of molds. Her clothes were crochet by me. Hope you like her.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Kaily

Baby Kaily was born July 17, 2009. She is an art doll. Kaily is a partialy sculpted doll. No molds were used in her creations.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Earth is the simbol of that who exist. She simbolizes earth, she represents a broad feeling of life. Life of cosmos, density,growth,proliferation,etc. A breath,a pause in life, full of responsabilities. A life where deception,coldness, rejection, stubborness exist and were you have to learn how to use resistence, persevirance to successed in life. Success is where happinesst, inocensence, truth and peace should prevail. Where you acomplish your goals filling satisfied that you got what you set your mind to do.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One of a kind baby Sculpture

One of a kind baby sculpture was made with the use of no molds. These dolls are made from polymer clay. They measure approximately around 8 inches. They are blushed to give them a rosie color. They also are glossed in the wright places to give them a more realistic look. There clothes are crochet by me. As you could see there clothes have to be custom made for them.

One of a kind baby in pink

Ooak sculpture with baby. No molds used. Made with polymer clay.

One of a kind baby Ashley

Baby Ashley is an ooak baby created by me. She was done with polymer clay. She measure about 8inches.

Ooak baby Leslie

One of a kind sculpted baby Leslie. She is an art doll created by me. She was made with the used of no molds

One of a kind baby doll

One of a kind sculpted baby doll. No mold used to create sculpture.

One of a kind Kevin

Kevin is an Ooak baby sculpture. Ooak meaning one of a kind. Kevin was made with polymer clay. He measures around 8 or 9 inches. He has a soft body so he could be more poseable. The outfit he is wearing crochet by me.


Archie is an ooak baby(Ooak meaning one of a kind)he was made out of polymer clay.This little sculpture measures about 7inches. He was made by me with the use of no molds. His clothes were made also by me.

Sophie & Lola

Sophie is a small town girl that everybody knows because of her colorful way of dressing. Sophie saids that colors are a way to express the way you feel. She is always dressed in very colorful colors. Sophie is always smiling. She is like a ray of sun went you see her. Sophies best friend is call Lola, Sophie found Lola in an isla called xoxoxo in a pound. She loves Lola and Lola loves her. They are great friends.

Sophie is an ooak figure. Ooak meaning one of a kind. Sophie and Lola were created by me, from Judithhr creations. They are made with polymer clay called super sculpey. These figures are fully sculpted. Molds are never use. Sophie measures 8"inches tall and she has hair made from yarn. She also has over size glasses which are not removable. Her clothes are crochet also by me. She comes with her best friend Lola. Lola measures 4"inches tall. She is made from black sculpey and painted.

Rosie & her pet Princess

Rosie is a girl that comes from an Isla call Chi-Chi-Chi-Chi-Pa-Pa. She has a pet call Princess, named after her favorite boutique. This was a small isla that nobody care about fashion, but Rosie did. When Rosie was small, all she care about was fashion. Even if she did not have tv and could not see how the world was dressing,she lived close to a turist area. Rosie would see all these people dressed the way she wanted to dress. Very trendy. Don't get me wrong. She was nice,funny, generous, caring and honest,but you would think otherwise. she looked conceited. She would always go to her favorite boutique. Princess boutique . She always said she would work hard to get what she wanted and she did. She would get any type of job as long as she got pay. Rosie was a good person and would divide her money so she could share with her parents and save a little. She did not know if one day she would needed. She could always dress beautiful because she worked hard for what she wanted.

Rosie and her pet Princess are hand sculpted by me JudithHR Creations. Molds were not used to create them. Rosie is partially sculpted. Her body was made from a baby sock and then fill with poly-pellets. Her legs were made with small wooden sticks and her feet where made from sculptey clay. Her head and arms were sculpted from a polymer clay called super sculpey. Rosie measures 8"inches tall and her pet measures 3 1/2inches. Her hair is from poly-fill. All my sculptures are original arts.
Thank You for looking.

Charlie & Bobo

Charlie and Bobo live in the forest. Charlie is the happiest troll you would ever meet. He is very friendly and kind. All the animals and creatures love him. He loved to explore since he was a small troll. One day he set up for one of his explorations and on his way to a swamp he heard the cry of a lizard. When he approached it, he notice that the lizards foot was caught in a trap. He then helped him out of the trap and cure his little foot. From then on they became the best of friends. Charlie named him Bobo. They were inseparable.

Charlie and Bobo were made with polymer clay. Charlie is parcially sculpted. He has a mohawk. His head,arms and feet are polymer clay and the body is made from a baby sock filled with small pellets and poly fill. His hands are posable. His eyes where done with translusent sculpey and then painted. His clothes and hat were crochet by me. His belt is done from sculpey and lace and painted. Bobo the lizard was done with sculpey and then painted with metalic paints.


This is Emily. She is my first poseable baby. She is an ooak doll.(Ooak meaning one of a kind).She measures around 8inches. Her clothes are also made by me.